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Scribble MeScribble MeScribble MeScribble MeScribble MeScribble MeScribble Me

By Charley

On 16, Mar 2015 | In | By Charley

Scribble Me

The tableware company Duni set the brief to design a new exciting tableware set.  I worked with Emma Young to create an interactive tableware set for children. We designed plates, a tablecloth, napkins, cups and bunting. The plate contains an image of our main character ‘Scribble Me’. The idea behind the illustrations and designs are to encourage children to be creative at a mealtime. Some of the drawings are completed however some are only partially drawn in order to encourage the children to complete the illustrations themselves. The design of the cup is an extension of the tablecloth, adding a 3D element. The napkins show illustrations of accessories that you can place onto the character.  This project was in collaboration with Emma Young.